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This week on the IFC News podcast, we discuss the 15 most disturbing either intentionally or unintentionally sex scenes in cinema. Download now MP3: minutes, Subscribe to the podcast: [ iTunes ].

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Skip navigation! When the movie adaptation of Stephen King's It was announced, fans of the novel immediately wondered: How would filmmakers grapple with the book's strange, graphic, and chapter-long orgy scene between pre-teens? While the first draft of the script by Cary Fukanga included a mild adaptation of the scene, the version you'll see in cinemas has no trace of a sewer orgy.

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She just took her panties off, climbed on the hood, climbed on the windshield and went to town. In a movie where Makela is surrounded by guys who look like Michael Fassbender, Javier Bardem and Brad Pitt, she chose to fuck a car instead?!? That's too wrong on too many levels.

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We were going to do a top ten list but there are so many disturbing sex themed movies made, we had to bump it up to Let us know if there are any others you think should have made the cut. The simple-minded wife of a newly disabled man misinterprets his desire for her to find the pleasure he can no longer deliver elsewhere and engages in riskier and riskier behavior until she spoiler alert ends up killed via gang bang.

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When you were little, your mom knew at what point in a movie to put her hand in front of your eyes to prevent you from seeing a naked butt, a bleeding face, or a French kiss going too far. But years later, although you may think you have become a callous moviegoer, you still cover your eyes, frozen in terror by a particular violent scene. Yet, no matter how nauseated you feel you warily peek through slightly open fingers because you still want to know what happens.

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Movies can either entertain you to the core or can bore you to death. But then there exist some movies which can totally destroy the peace of your mind and can make you feel disgusted beyond your imagination. Such movies have everything from sexuality to violence and weirdness but no emotions.

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Does the sight of blood make your insides turn? Do strange sex acts or domestic abuse send you running towards your theater's exit sign? Maybe you're extra sensitive to necrophilia or bodily mutilation, or maybe too many jump scares make you close Netflix and look for something a little more comfy. Look, everyone has a weak spot, and there's bound to be a film out there that pushes one or two of your buttons.

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Sex scenes in films are normally romantic, sensual and steamy. Then there are the scenes that are just downright disgusting. In the film, Mitch Ryan Reynolds has a weekly rendezvous with Tatiana Mircea Monroea 9-months pregnant woman he apparently met at childbirth class.

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In fact, some of them have probably scarred audiences for life. Many debtors end up having their new organs repossessed i. Jude Law plays Remy, a repo man on the run after he has to have a heart replacement.


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