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Asia is, due to its growth rate and scale, a lucrative market for online marketplaces. However, according to predictions, Southeast Asia is only just beginning to benefit from the ecommerce boom. The reason for this is that more and more consumers in this country are now shopping online.

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Published daily by the Lowy Institute. In a fractuous political climate, video manipulation threatens to play havoc with democracy. In Malaysia, a sex-tape scandal engulfing the country in recent months has threatened to destabilise the governing coalition.

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After impact, the authentic Specialized Evade helmet on the left held up but the counterfeit on the right crumbled. Specialized says the fakes lack reinforced roll cages — internal skeletons that hold the helmets together even after a crash. Courtesy of Specialized Bicycles hide caption.

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By Rory Boland. Also known as copies, fakes are basically imitations of high priced designer items sold at cheap prices. Designer handbags, shoes, clothes and watches are all popular buys, as well as imitation iPhones, tablets, and other electronics. They will often be labeled with knockoff names like "Praada" or "Luis Vutton," while the more brazen fakes will actually display the real name.

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Did you guys hear the one about the Dutch girl who faked a trip to Southeast Asia? Nope, that isn't a joke, so the upside is there's no terrible punch-line either. In truth, 25 year-old Zilla van den Born literally deceived her friends and family into thinking she'd peaced out to Southeast Asia for five weeks; happily this wasn't a foray into vacational sociopathy, but something different entirely together.

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Home News China. A recent survey of clinical trials in China has revealed fraudulent practice on a massive scale, according to a government investigation. China's food and drug regulator recently carried out a one-year review of clinical trials, concluding that more than 80 percent of clinical data is "fabricated," state media reported.

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Since two year now some china based counterfeit operation is flooding the market with professionally printed counterfeits. They are using multiple large china deal websites and identities to stuff their products intp the market. From seeing shops go up and down we know WOTC is actually taking action against these individuals.

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Gold bars fraudulently stamped with the logos of major refineries are being inserted into the global market to launder smuggled or illegal gold, refining and banking executives tell Reuters. The fakes are hard to detect, making them an ideal fund-runner for narcotics dealers or warlords. Four of the executives said at least 1, of the bars, of a standard size known as a kilobar for their weight, have been found. That is a small share of output from the gold industry, which produces roughly 2 million to 2.

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Zilla leaving before and after[Caters ]. After waving goodbye to her family at the airport, Zilla Van Den Born, 25, went to extraordinary lengths to fool her friends into thinking she was travelling through Thailand, Cambodia and Laos by mocking up photographs of exotic food and tourist attractions. To carry out her ruse, she had faked Skype calls to her parents under Christmas lights and a Thai umbrella, while also sending texts in the middle of the night to add to her credibility.

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Stocks will look next week to reclaim their record highs amid a slew of economic data while trade fears decrease. It was a softer August in the job market than anticipated. An exit to private equity could provide shelter for a company whose revenue growth has slowed in recent years and that has cycled through CEOs.


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