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Hoboken, New Jersey23 June ; d. Bloomington, Indiana, 25 August. Kinsey was a biologist at Indiana University with a special interest in taxonomy and its application to the gall wasp.

Like food, sex is an important part of our lives. From an evolutionary perspective, the reason is obvious—perpetuation of the species. Sexual behavior in humans, however, involves much more than reproduction.

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Verified by Psychology Today. The Evolving Father. There is some sex play when they enter the huts.

The new movie Kinsey, starring Liam Neeson, chronicles the life and work of Dr. Alfred C. A sadomasochistic homosexual who solicited data on the molestation of children as young as two months old for his research, Kinsey helped launch the American sexual revolution through his book Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.

Although it is recognized that infants and young children are sexual beings, many parents are unaware of this and are unprepared to provide the healthy guidance needed to raise sexually healthy children. This article examines "Having "the talk" before they can talk," a sexuality education workshop for new and expectant parents created and facilitated by the author. Workshop activities and findings are discussed in the context of a literature review of research on infant and child sexuality.

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This month, the film Kinsey starring Liam Neeson opens nationwide. Neeson plays Dr. Alfred Kinsey, the Indiana University zoology professor who until his mid-forties was best known as an expert on an insect called the gall wasp.

Forty years before Pope Saint John Paul II articulated the spousal meaning of the body, establishing a framework for a renewed culture of life, an Indiana University zoologist named Alfred Kinsey infamously laid the framework for the emergence of the culture of death to which John Paul II was responding. But how does one measure the ethos of shame to which John Paul II refers, or at what point does one cross the limits of shame? In the modern era such questions are posed as matters of science, whose findings inform the application of law and development of general moral norms.

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The Kinsey Coverup refers to the paid efforts of the mass media and the Kinsey Institute scientific establishment lobby to hide the facts of child sex abuse and fraud as the basis of Kinsey's alleged "scientific data" on human sexuality. Spiking legislative investigations into these barbaric "scientific" crimes and Liam Neeson's glossy portrayal of Kinsey in the Kinsey feature film, qualify as part of this 60 year plus cover-up. Below you'll find a brief history of various legal actions on this matter, links to actual sex crimes in the Kinsey Reports, The Kinsey Institute's responses, articles about the Kinsey movie and other related documents.

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During the Twentieth Century, no one individual did more to bring homosexuality into the public forum than Alfred Charles Kinsey — A professor at Indiana University, Kinsey was a zoologist by training and spent the early years of his career studying gall wasps, collecting thousands of specimens of the insects. Kinsey then transferred his obsessive and taxonomic approach of research to the study of human sexuality.

Kinsey remains one of the most influential figures in American intellectual history. He's certainly the only entomologist ever to be immortalized in a Cole Porter song. Thanks to him, it's now common knowledge that almost all men masturbate, that women peak sexually in their mid's and that homosexuality is not some one-in-a-million anomaly. His studies helped bring sex -- all kinds of sex, not just the stork-summoning kind -- out of the closet and into the bright light of day.


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