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The object of the present paper was to trace the historical evolution of the Italian anatomical tradition, particularly neuroanatomical studies, in relation to the juridical regulations on the use of cadavers today. Special attention was paid to the opportunities offered to neurosurgery by using cadavers and to the scientific and social issues in neurosurgical training in the twenty-first century. Considering the new Common European Constitution, the authors advocate a political solution from the European community to improve the quality of training in the disciplines with a social impact such as neurosurgery.

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They raised their paper cards to bid for prizes such as a bedtime story told by Tilda Swinton via Skype, a guest role as a cadaver on Tatort and a chance to go onstage with Patti Smith. Schlingensief began the state-funded project before his death inand the primary stage of building has already been completed, with more than ten buildings and hosted programming such as performances and workshops. The director and artist is often described to have overcome the borders between art and life with his immersive, intense, and iconoclastic works.

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Posthumous sperm retrieval PSR is a procedure in which spermatozoa are extracted from a human male after he has been pronounced legally brain dead. There has been significant debate over the ethicality and legality of the procedure, and on the legal rights of the child and surviving parent if the gametes are used for impregnation. Cases of post-mortem conception have occurred ever since human artificial insemination techniques were first developed, with sperm donated to a sperm bank being used following the death of the donor.

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An interesting study on the medico-legal structures for the procurement, retention and use of cadavers has earned lecturer in the Discipline of Clinical Anatomy DOCAMs Pam Pillay, R15 towards attending a national conference of her choice. Cadaver records obtained from DOCA were computerised in the study to form a database using age, sex, race as demographics. Also recorded were details such as the method of disposal of each cadaver and whether it had been donated or was unclaimed.

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Ansell could be channeling Tim Burton. Jonah D. Ansell is founder and executive at JAMS Productions, a boutique integrated marketing and creative content production firm in Los Angeles.

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A man has admitted to having sex with up to corpses, some of whom were murder victims, while he was drunk or high on drugs. Kenneth Douglas, 60, worked as a morgue attendant in Ohio, USA, between andwhere he committed the sexual crimes against the dead women while working the night shift. He admitted to sexually abusing the cadavers of three women between andtwo of which were murder victims, and disclosed in a deposition that he had had sex with up to corpses over a period of 16 years.

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Being able to practice with cadavers and be oriented by experts was great. He has over publications in peer-review journals as well as 11 book chapters and is a reviewer for multiple medical and surgical journals. Amit has a special interest in emergency medicine education especially as it relates to trauma reception in the emergency department.

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Quid tumultuamur et vitam seditiosi conturbamus? Stat supra caput fatum et pereuntis dies imputat propiusque ac propius accedit; istud tempus, quod alienae destinas morti, fortasse circa tuam est. Quin potius vitam brevem colligis placidamque et tibi et ceteris praestas?

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Gunther von Hagens, the German inventor of a body-preserving process called plastination, is always eager for volunteers, people willing to donate their corpses for his public anatomical displays. He says 6, individuals have pledged their mortal coils so far. The year-old physician, university lecturer, and anatomist-cum-artist's exhibitions of plasticized, partially dissected bodies -- an expectant mother cross-sectioned to reveal her unborn child, a man peeled to his musculature, carrying his skin like an old raincoat -- hover somewhere between the sublime and the unspeakable.


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